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Easy to install. Use Nubis acadami videos to install Nubis reservations for your restaurant ore we can due a complete setup online for you for only € 149

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Manage all restaurant reservations with ease.

Straightforward Nubis reservation management tools allow you to quickly view, add or edit reservations, move them around, and control reservation times. You can even control multiple restaurants from one single account!

Increase revenue and improve service.
Increase your restaurant sales, promote events, and take prepayments on busy days. Grow your email database by integrating popular mailing software.
Use our interactive reporting dashboard to improve your restaurant’s performance. Take your business to the next level in efficiency.

Online reservations

Accepting table reservations online helps you save time, grow your client database and allow your clients to feel more comfortable. Stay ahead of your competitors!

Always updated availability

We always check the latest availability before allowing guests to book online.

Dining room selection

Option to allow your guests to select their preferred dining area in your restaurant.

Special guest requests

Allow your guests to leave notes about special preferences, occasions, allergies.

Widget Responsiveness

No worries for your online widget compatibility: it works on all devices.

Last-minute setting

Receive more online table reservations with last-minute control function.

Online bookings

Allow guests to book a table from any channel - website, Facebook or Google.

Automatic notifications

We always keep your guests informed by sending them automatic booking confirmations, reminders, cancellation notifications and feedback requests, by email as well as SMS message.

Confirmation messages

After booking successfully, guests receive automatic emails and SMS notifications.

Reminder messages

We remind your guests about upcoming reservations before the visit.

Automatic guest feedback

Improve your service with automatic feedback from your guests.

Multiple languages

SMS and email notifications for guests are available in multiple languages.

Manager notifications

We keep the managers updated with new bookings by emails and SMS messages.

Custom messages

Emails and SMS messages can be customized to suit your needs.

Table and floor setup

Within several minutes you will have set up your dining areas, tables and individual preferences.

Easy table setting

Apply quick table plan copying, set min & max number of guests, insert custom names.

Unlimited dining areas

Add any number of dining areas like bars, terraces, chef's tables or function rooms.

Floor plan drawing

Draw your restaurant floor plan with a drag & drop tool quickly and accurately.

Individual turnover times

Increase the guest capacity by controlling turnover time for each individual table.

Hidden dining areas

Hide the specific areas, such as seasonal outdoor tables or private dining zones.

Time management settings

Simple and efficient Nubis reservation tools allow you to manage reservation times effectively. Increase guest capacity, control kitchen load, and block available times in seconds.

Custom business hours

Set different restaurant opening hours for any day or period according to the need.

Quick time blocking

Make quick & instant changes to times that are available for online booking

Time templates

Control reservation times for each table individually by creating time templates.

Dining area times

Control reservation times for each restaurant dining area individually.

Restaurant capacity control

Set a maximum number of guests allowed to book per day or per time slot.

Time zone

No matter which country you are based in, choose your local time zone.

Last-minute setting

Receive more online table reservations with our last-minute setting.

Reservation intervals

Stagger your load by accepting table reservations every 15 or 30 minutes.

Reservation management

View and manage your reservations by timeline or floor views. Simple yet advanced tools allow you to quickly add, edit or remove online, phone & group reservations as well as walk-ins.

All-day reservations view

See your reservations and any available restaurant tables at a glance.

Color-coded table status

Color-code the reservation status of each table for quick-glance comprehension.

Action buttons

Save time by accessing the most used functions with just one click.

Floor plan view

Use visual restaurant table layout, and add new reservations in semi-automatic manner.

Ways to add reservation

Add a new reservation in multiple ways that reflect your preferences.

Drag & drop reservations

Move any reservation around the calendar or swap it with another when needed.

Sidebar reservation list

Check the easy-to-access reservation list with the most important information.

Quick action tools

Organize your daily schedule by using advanced Nubis reservation tools. No matter how many restaurants you have on the account, you can easily switch between them and manage all of your reservations smoothly.

Guest search

Identify your loyal guests and access their information in seconds.

Print reservations

Print your full restaurant reservation list with just one click.

Reservation status

Set table status as confirmed, pending, arrived, paid, walk-in or no-show.

Language switch

Choose the language in which all the notifications will be sent to your guest.

Reservation comments

Leave notes about special requests, preferences, or allergies.

Detailed guest information

Set the tags, view guest notes, loyalty & history, and review the ratings.

Mobile Version

Reservation management with Nubis reservation tool does not require an app. You can choose any device, log in to your account via any web browser and access your booking calendar, even on the go.

Adaptive layout

Use from any device whether it is iOS or Android – Nubis reservation works on both of them.

Automatic updates

Manage your reservations on the latest, automatically updated Nubis reservation version.

App-free solution

Access the mobile version of Nubis reservation through any smartphone browser.

Desktop version

Easily switch from mobile version to desktop.

Quick booking

Add new reservations from your mobile device simply and extremely quickly.

Reservation list

Add, edit or cancel any reservation, by using the mobile reservation list.